The Fundamentalist SOA

The Fundamentalist SOA

Rhema-Bytes: The Fundamentalist SOA

Fundamentalism in SOA is to see everything as a service. Raise this thinking to the strategic level and one starts to ask questions of services, such as: “is this a core competence”, and “do we provide it as effectively as others”.

At the technological level, the questions that come to mind are: “do we understand the business requirement correctly”, “have we properly decomposed the requirements into functional units”, and “do we have generic patterns that can be used to implement a solution for each functional unit”.

The end game, in my humble opinion, of this fundamentalist SOA is to have synthesised an abstraction of one’s business context and provided genericised implementations for every functional aspect that is amenable to automation. At this point, IS/IT would have created a platform that delivers the business in a “label” agnostic engine, and this engine could be optimised by trimming off those units that are better/cheaper provided by outsiders.

This SOA enables business by providing a performant platform for delivering services to clients, and the opportunity to outsouce non-core-competencies and inefficient implementations.

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