XSD Schema Architecture

Message Model Namespaces

This subject matter here is architecture of XSD schema for an enterprise SOA, and an important side-theme is the exploration of automation potential in this area. The content is quite detailed, and perhaps not best suited for viewing in a web page; therefore PDF and Micorsoft Word versions are provided in the links below:

XSD Schema Architecture (PDF)
XSD Schema Architecture (MS Word)

This is an “insight” post; it aims to stimulate discussion around the subject it discusses; these articles may appear prescriptive and perhaps dogmatic, but the objective really is for debate that leads to reusable knowledge and that is accessible to the wider community of software engineers in the area of focus.

Please be aware that the content of the document is the output of work done in one SOA adoption context. The majority of the design choices were driven by standards, known best practise and some original thinking, however, a few decisions and choices were informed by the context in which the solution was being articulated.
The authors have moved on from some of these positions, and so feedback and criticisms will be very much appreciated, in order that all may get wiser.
Many thanks in anticipation.

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