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Simple Canonical Schema For Maturing SOA

In a previous article (Custom XSD Schema…) I examined the options open to the information architect when deciding on the adoption of XSD schema for SOA service messaging, and whether to choose an industry/community standard or go for a bespoke design that is tailored for the organisation at the point in time. In this article, […]

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XSD Schema Architecture

This subject matter here is architecture of XSD schema for an enterprise SOA, and an important side-theme is the exploration of automation potential in this area. The content is quite detailed, and perhaps not best suited for viewing in a web page; therefore PDF and Micorsoft Word versions are provided in the links below: XSD […]

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OSB Service Meta Design

ESB Service Meta Design

This post explores the idea of a meta model for the design of services in an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), by identifying key competencies that services should realise. While there are exceptions to every case, the majority of services will find the realisation of these core competencies beneficial. This is an “insight” post; it aims […]

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Test Automation mit SOAP UI

Test Automation With Plain SoapUI

Have you ever wanted to run some features that are only available in SOAP UI Pro? Well, a little grasp of Groovy scripting can help you to simulate some of those high-falutin features that would have cost you $$$ per year in licenses.  Here is one neat feature that I really like. Running All Projects […]

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Installation Detail

Hands On: Installing SOA Suite on a Laptop

  Installing Oracle Tools on a Laptop [64-bit]   1). Install a Java 7 JDK – 64-bit version Run the JDK installer file – jdk-7u21-windows-x64.exe   2). [optional] Install Oracle XE There is no 64-bit Oracle XE for Windows, so 32-bit is the only option either way! Expand the Oracle XE installer archive ( into […]

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XSD Schema Sample

Custom XSD Schema or Public Standard: Some Perspectives

XSD schema are a key part of the inteface exposed by Web Services to enterprise and external clients of services, however, organisations need to decide how to go about deriving the schema that will be used by their services.  The choices are simple, either adopt an external standard such as OAGIS, HL7, etc. or create/reuse […]

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SOA Service Lifecycle

SOA Lifecycle Meta Design

The service focus of SOA gives the life-cycle a special importance in the adoption and success of SOA within an organisation.  The concept and evolution of a service should follow predictable paths and be subject to predetermined controls on input, process and output. The complement of the possible paths, from the first input to the […]

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